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My Sex story with my cute female student

My Name is Sandy and I am a regular reader of ISS and enjoyed many stories written by my friends on Indian sex stories. This story is about me when I was a lecturer in Diploma Engg. College in Nagpur. At that time I was 25 years old 6 feet tall with strong dick of 8 inches long and 4 inches Dia.

Any female would die for this size and just joined the college as an Ad-Hoc lecturer. Since it was diploma college many students joining the first year were in the age group of 16-18 years only. Anybody likes my story can send the feedback to me at . Let me take you to the story directly. After joining I rented a small home around 5-6km from the college.
Later I came to know that one girl student also living in a rented room just beside me. She was staying with her mother. The girl’s name is Nivedita and was in the 1st year of Electrical Engg. for which I was teaching one subject.She is 18 years of age and just admitted in the college after passing her matriculation. She was fair, slim and about 5’3’’tall with beautiful nose and eyes. I was felt in love with that girl at first sight only. Her figure must be 32-23-32.
During one class I identified that she was the same girl. He also looked at me but was silent and nervous.

I gave a smile and she replied with a beautiful smile. My joy knows no bounds and that time only I started ways to fuck her. More importantly, she was staying next to me only with her mother. That made my job a bit easier. But I need to be careful as I was a teacher and she was my student. I could not sleep that and masticated 2-3 times thinking about her in different positions.

Next morning when I saw her she gave me a smile and I could guess that she was telling her mother that I am her teacher in the same college. That made me confident about my plan to fuck her.
When in a class she was not daring to look at me in eye to eye but I was missing any chance to look at her and imagine her figure. She was wearing light blue color tight salwar kurta which did not make difficult to imagine her figure in that dress.

The class was over as usual and I was finding a chance to speak to her. I saw her entering the library after the class and straightway headed for the library after her. I started looking for the books and take a seat on the table. She was sitting in front of me. There was nobody on that reading table.

I asked her: do you stay in daga lay out.

She: yes.
Me: I also stay there.
She: I know
Me: What did you tell your mother yesterday?
She: I told her that you are a teacher in the college.
We ended conversations as general and I left the library to attend another class. But she kept occupied my mind and heart.
After going home I again masturbated thinking of her couple of times. I was desperate to fuck her but my profession was restricting me to take a bold step. Few days passed as usual with me spending sleepless nights.

One day in the evening she came along with her mother. I was taken aback when I saw them. But controlled myself and asked them to be seated. Her mother was equally beautiful but my focus was on her daughter and my student.
She was polished in speaking and smart as well. Both of them were happy with my open nature. Without wasting time I decided to strike a chord.

Me: both of you are beautiful.
Both of them were surprised at my question and Nivedita hid her face in her palms.
Her mother smiled and asked: Really?
Me: Yes
Her mother: You are also handsome.
Me: Thanks
Her mother prepared the tea and I kept talking to her daughter. During the conversation, she was getting impressed with my language and my knowledge. I was happy that she likes me. I also admired her beauty and her mother came with 3 cups of tea.
Her mother: (Jokingly) what are you asking my daughter?
Me: Nothing special. I just told her she is beautiful like you.
Her mother: She likes you very much. The moment she saw you she is not stopping describing you.
I was overjoyed with that statement and felt that my half job is done. It’s now just a matter of time to fuck her.
When we had tea they started to go out and I told her whenever you have any problem with any subject don’t hesitate to ask me. This statement seems to be relieved her a lot and I could see the satisfaction on her face. Both of them smiled and started leaving.
During walking, I just touched my hand to her hand and that sent shiver in my body and her as well as she looked back and smiled. I hold her hand for a while before she left.Her skin was so soft. If her skin is so soft how soft her melons and butts will be.
I spend no time in masturbating thinking of her. I felt relaxed and I did not know when I slept. I heard a knock on the door. I looked the clock it was 8 pm. When I opened the door she was standing in front of me.
She: Mummy is calling you for dinner
Me: What?
She: Yes. She told me that since you are alone we can have dinner together.
When god helps you He helps you with both hands. My food problem is also getting solved.
Me: Ok. Give me some time. I will come.
She: No. Mummy said that bring Sir along with you.
Me: Bu it will take 5 min for me to change. (I was in short and night T-shirt). I asked her to sit and went inside to change. During changing, I was looking at her from the curtain gap. She was trying to look at me but unaware that I was also looking at her. When I came out.
She: Nice T-shirt sir.
Me: Thank you. You are also beautiful.
She looked down and could not dare to look in my eyes.
Me: What happened?
She: Nothing.

Students Fucking With Teachers

This article is about teacher-related bullying at school. For bullying involving lecturers in higher education, School teachers are commonly the subject of bullying but they are also sometimes the originators of bullying within a school environment. 

When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.

While sexual and physical abuse by an adult to child, parent, teacher or coach is criminal in the eyes of the law, bullying or emotional abuse by these adults in care-giver positions is not necessarily.

Due to their influential role, it is possible that teachers are instrumental in teaching bullying. 


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